Wednesday, September 20, 2017

In the woods

Well finally have a phone and data signal after almost a week.
we left Douglas Lake last Friday on our way to Smokemont Campground close to Cherokee.
Instead of driving around the Great Smokie Mountains I wanted to see how the old motor home would do going over the mountain.
It just so happened to be the rod run that weekend and the most crowd I have seen here.

It was real slow going but Nancy and I enjoyed seeing the old cars.  We did manage to get through and on to Gatlinburg.
Between the traffic lights and stopping for people in the cross walks some more time but a lot faster getting through than Pigeon Forge.

Now to see how the motor home would do on the long mountain climb.
I was really surprised at how the old machine did, it was a real champ climbing up at a good speed not slowing down much and ran real cool without the engine temperature getting hot.

We stopped on top of the mountain at Newfoundland Gap to have a sandwich while we enjoyed the scenery of the mountain tops in the distance.

Coming down the mountain I let the lower gears slow me down so I hardly had to use the brakes.
We got down the mountain and pulled into the campground.


Checked in at the office then set up at our site for the next four days.
It was really soothing and peaceful listening to the river running over the rocks while going to sleep at night.
We even got to see an elk feeding out in the large field.  We were the first ones to stop on the roadside but soon there was a large line of cars stopped and people taking pictures of the elk.

But our time was soon up and yesterday we left Smokemont Campground.
Coming through Cherokee we spotted a laundromat so we pulled in and did a couple of loads of laundry then we were on our way.

We got to Clayton, Georgia and spent the night at the Walmart.

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