Thursday, September 07, 2017

A dinner invite

When I mentioned the other day that everyone was going home after our Family reunion I failed to say the Mark and Sherry were still here.
They combined the Family reunion with a weeks vacation and are going home today.

Yesterday Mark and Sherry invited us out for dinner which we accept.
This is the view we have of Douglas Lake coming out of our site.

Coming down the earthen part of the dam is a nice view with the Smokie Mountains in the background. 
Here is Sherry and Mark waiting for us in front of Holston's where we met them.
The fire where they were setting sure felt good because the day had a chill to it.
This was our first time here and the inside looked real nice.
Even with the old time gas lanterns.

We had a very good meal and being with Sherry and Mark was better.
Also thank you Mark and Sherry for the good meal and to be with you again.

After our meal we sat at the table and enjoy our conversation with them until it was time to leave.

Nancy enjoying the fire after our meal.

After saying our goodbyes until the next time we went our separate ways.
It was good to see everyone but always sad to say goodbye.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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