Thursday, August 24, 2017

Last day here

Tuesday morning doing our chores with taking the trash to the dumpster and carrying fresh water to put in the fresh water tank and taking the gray water to the dump station.  Also taking care of our morning things on the computers.
We got ready to go to the Family Medical Clinic over the line into Tennessee which is only 4-5 miles.  The reason was that Nancy had run out of her medicine and she would need a new prescription in order to get it.
We saw this fender bender on our way to the clinic.
In order for the doctor to write Nancy a prescription for her medicine she had to have blood drawn and they would have to check it. The doctor said something to do with the insurance company requiring it.
Even though they would not have the result from the lab until the next day she will get her medicine when we leave the clinic and pick it up at the Walgreen Pharmacy.
After picking up the medicine it was time to eat so we went to a KFC Buffet. 
Not a good choice because this restaurant didn't have the juicy chicken that I'm use to at a KFC.
It may be that the chicken had set in the warming trays to long being the reason it was dry but we did manage to satisfy our hunger.

Today is our last day here in the Cumberland Gap Campground we will be leaving tomorrow for Panther Creek State Park in Tennessee.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

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