Thursday, August 03, 2017

Haircut, Eating, Shopping

Tuesday Jackie and I moved the patio table and chair so we could finish up under the table with the coat of sealer.

Then I asked Nancy if she would want to go get her hair cut in Morehead?
She said she did so off we went when we got to Morehead the first thing we did was to have us something to eat.
We both wanted a Mexican meal so we went to Don Senor's. We ordered our meal and first as usual the waitress brought us chips and salsa.
Nancy had the Beef and Bean Burrito  with rice and refried beans.
I had the Steak Chimichanga with rice and refried beans.  Both of our meals were very good and filling.
After eating Nancy had her hair cut at the Great Clips. I sat in the car waiting for a while on her because they had a few customers ahead of her.
After Nancy came out I went to Kroger to do some shopping while Nancy waited in the car.
Yesterday Jackie and I placed all the chairs and table in their place we were finished with the porch
After coming back to the motor home I painted around the cargo bays to make them look better. 
Around 3:00 pm I checked the painted and it was dry so I closed the bay door and in a short time it started raining. The rain lasted the rest of the evening and almost the rest of the night.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

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