Friday, March 03, 2017

Out for the day

Nancy and I got out for the first time in a long time for her.

We drove up to Spring Hill to the Rural King to get a few things I wanted. 
One of the items I bought was a Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting.  This is one of those things you would not use very often but nice to have for a few things to check with.
I also bought a pint of white paint for some place that need touching up.
Then what made it nice was that Harbor Freight was right across the street where I bought some bungee cords for 20% less with coupons.

Also don't forget the Multimeter that was on sale for $5.99 but I got it free with a coupon for purchasing any other item.
I really didn't need a Multimeter as I have several but free is better than buying batteries for one.
Then a stop in at the Dollar Tree to get a few things.
Then a stop to get a good meal at the Cracker Barrel.  Its been many a months since we have eaten a meal at a Cracker Barrel.

By that time Nancy was ready to do her shopping at Walmart for some things she needed.

After all that it was time to go home and Nancy was really dragging but she said it was good to get out for the day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Free is nice and you are right it is cheaper then the cost of new batteries.
Glad Nancy was feeling up to going out. We tend to get into a Hibernation Mode where we just don't want to face the outside world. Even walking around the park every day helps to stop that from happening, is good exercise and improves our overall health.
Cracker Barrel delivers Comfort Food at its finest. We're going through withdrawal. It's been nearly a month since we've been there.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.