Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wood Booger

Sunday we went to Norton to eat out at a restaurant and do some grocery shopping.
We drove through town looking for a place to eat we saw a Mexican Restaurant but since we ate at a Mexican place only a couple of days ago we thought about eating something different. Then there was an Italian Place which we like Italian food but not at this time. Driving on down the street we saw a restaurant called "Woodbooger's Grill with a small crowd going in and coming out. I said that must be a good place to eat!  A restaurant that has people going in and coming out must be a fair price or good food or maybe both. We went in to eat and the place was nice and clean with people sitting around eating and look to be enjoying their food. Getting the menu and looking it over it was fair priced indeed. Nancy and the  Mesquite Grilled Chicken Fillet with baked beans and cole slaw.  I had the Cajun Chicken with Pasta. Both of us agreed the food was very good and we chose the right place to eat.
The restaurant was named after the legendary Norton, Virginia Wood Booger that is suppose to be in this part of the country. It is like the Sasquatch or Bigfoot that is often talked about else where.
After our dinner we went to Ingle's to buy our groceries and the we came home.
Yesterday was just doing a few chores around and in the motorhome but relaxing mostly.
A very nice day indeed and keeping an eye out for "The Wood Booger".
Norton, Virginia's famous Wood Booger. 

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