Friday, August 19, 2016

Tamarack overnight

Sherry and Mark came out to Charles Fork Lake to see us off and Sherry helped me hook the car on back of the motorhome, it was near 1:30 by the time we were on the road.
Traveling the two lane roads we began seeing the barns again. I never get tired of looking at those old barns.
Every so often you see something a little different or maybe something you have not seen before.
Coming off the two lane road we were on route 19 going south crossing route 60 that you can take to a couple of state parks. We have been to both of the pictured parks and Babcock State Park with the grist mill that has the mill run by a large water wheel is the most photographed. I have seen a photo of the grit mill in different states we have visited.
The route takes you over the famous New River Gorge Bridge. We have been over, under and around this bridge.
Here we are going over the bridge that is usually 4 lanes but is only 2 lanes now due to Labor Day coming up. They will have hundreds of vendors on the bridge and also on each side because Labor Day will be jump day off the bridge.
Taking our time and stopping at Walmart we spent the night at the Tamarack in Beckley, West Virginia. Tamarack is upon the hill away from the Truck  Plaza with special parking for RV's that allow overnight parking.
There was five others besides us for the night.

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