Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sun and Thunderstorms

Yesterday we pulled out of the Kentucky Horse Park Campground around 11:30 am after emptying the tanks and filling up with fresh water.
By that time it had started raining.
I had cleaned the windshield and the tires while Nancy was getting ready.
Our first sop was at the Walgreens to pick up our prescribed medicine that I had refilled online.
After leaving Walgreens I drove just across the street to Krogers to fill up with fuel at a price of 1.86 9/10 with the Kroger card.  It took 62 gallons which was pretty good considering I had driven 440 miles since last fill up.
While we were at the  Krogers we had lunch before getting on the road.  So we pulled out after our lunch at 2:pm I told you we like to take our time and being fulltimers we don't have to be in a hurry since we are always home.

Just taking it easy and enjoying the scenery.

Can you tell I like old barns.
We got to Maysville still in Kentucky at the Walmart where we needed to do some shopping and while we were doing the shopping we had supper at the Subway with a chicken and bacon ranch sub that we split. 
We had a nice sunny day after leaving the Kroger Store but by the time we did our shopping in Walmart and putting the groceries away there came a big thunderstorm so we just spent the night here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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