Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Lot of shopping

Friday, was another dump day at the Cave Run Campground dump station. We were almost over due since it had been 15 days since we have dumped our black tank.
As you can see on the header photo that it is kind of a chore to clear all the lumber before going to the dump then leveling back up when getting back.
Saturday was doing mostly household chores with cleaning inside and filling the fresh water tank.
Sunday Nancy was filling somewhat better so we went to church. After getting back home we changed clothes to be comfortable. I got on the computer to catch up on things while Nancy prepared a good dinner. She had southern fried chicken breast with green beans, potatoes and garden fresh green onions and tomatoes. Nancy called Jackie over to have supper with us.
Yesterday I made a trip into Morehead for some things we needed.
Here is a nice little peaceful looking valley that we pass when we go to Morehead.

First stop was Save a Lot for canned vegetables which have better prices on the cans.
Next was to Dollar General for toilet tissue and dish washing liquid.  The Angel Soft tissue is cheap than the other stores.
The next stop was Big Lots for cans of air that comes in handy for various things besides cleaning out the computers. 
From there it was to Walmart for a couple of food items.
From there it was to Kroger to get some ice cream for me and sherbet for Nancy. We like the Kroger brand of these which seem to taste better for us.
As usual as has been the hard rain came before I got back home but when I arrived at the motorhome the rain had stopped long enough for me to unload the things I had bought.
Nancy was finishing up supper when I had the groceries put up.  Boy, did she have a good meal!
Pinto beans that where seasoned so good that with potatoes, fresh made cole slaw, onions and cornbread hot off the stove. I think Nancy, Jackie and especially me had our fill.  Oh I mean it was gooood.
It rained off and on all night.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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