Friday, July 29, 2016


I'm still doing a few small things around the motorhome. Our water heater has been acting up using the propane to heat the water. It has been slow to ignite and some times not lighting at all. In trying to solve the problem and fix it I tried several things. I found that flipping the switch located in the motorhome rapidly several time in a row and leaving it on the heater would come on. So after ordering a new switch from Amazon and installing it that it seems another  problem is cured.
Problems, problems always problems!
We are still having the heavy rain showers each day and yesterday was no different with the rain that is.  The difference is that we went to Culloden to see Peach and Don.  For the most part of the 100 mile trip it rained and at times so hard that I thought I would have to pull off the road and wait it out.
It was so hard that when someone would pass me I could not see their tail lights when they where just 30 yards ahead of me. Yes I said pass me as there are those that never slow down no matter what the road conditions are.
Don is scheduled to have his triple by-pass operation on August the 4th and Jackie, Nancy and I wanted to go see them.
We are still going up the 4th when he has the operation to be with the family.
After having our conversations for a couple of hours it was time to eat a bite so we ordered from Giovanni's.  Don had a personal pizza Jackie and Nancy had the baked spaghetti Peach had a ham and cheese sub and I had a steak and cheese sub with onions, pepper.
Don and I when to pick up our order and after getting back we all dug in and had a good meal.
After we ate we enjoyed talking for another 3 hours then it was time for our 2 hour trip back home.
Needless to say getting back home we were somewhat tired.
Nancy and I spend the rest of the evening on our computers and watching a little tv.
It was a very good day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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