Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On a hill

Yesterday afternoon I went to Morehead to get a few things.
The first stop was at the Walmart store for a few groceries and then the pharmacy to get a couple of items for Nancy.  As soon as I loaded up the car with the things it started raining and then it really turned loose into a first class storm.
Next stop was the Kroger station for some gas which was priced at $2.06.  So I thought well using my Kroger card I will get it for $2.03. But to my surprise when I inserted the Kroger card it said If I wanted use it and save 10 cent a gallon. You bet I wanted the gas at $1.96 a gallon.  The only problem was the car only took 6 gallon to fill up.
I started to go in the Kroger store when Nancy called and said she forgot to put a few things on the store order.  I told her it was storming here and she said the sun was shinning back at the motorhome.
Now for the on a hill part. On the mountain where Jackie lives all scattered about are houses and cabins of all sizes.

Some large ones that are lived in full time and small one for a weekend stay.
On the way back from Morehead I got stopped by the major road work going on.
I also get stopped by these two small deer crossing the road. Once they were in a safe place they posed for me to take a photo of them.
After being home from the store for a couple of hours the storm caught up with me for a double dose of the rain.
It did cool of and bring the temperature down to 75* and that was good enough to run the Fantastic fan. The fan with the window open above the head of the bed we had a nice cool breeze coming in all night.

Thanks for stopping by and have a grat day.

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