Monday, July 18, 2016

good weekend

Saturday was a day of a few chores.  Like vacuuming, taking out the garbage and burning papers. Also Jackie had some corn on the cob that I shucked.
Nancy fixed me some cabbage and noodles. She doesn't do that very often because it is hard on the arteries(but good for the stomach). This is a combination of wide noodles and cabbage with a little vegetable oil ummm. Plus Jackie brought over some of the fresh cooked corn which really fresh and very good. When I say fresh I mean fresh like someone had just brought it fresh picked out of their garden.  She has such good neighbors that brings fresh garden vegetables.
The motorhome was sometimes hard to start like not making good contact so I put a new battery terminal on.
Yesterday was church day that Nancy was feeling well enough to go.  She says she is getting stronger but gets tired quick.  It was a nice but hot and sunny day.
We are suppose to have the temps around 90 for the week with maybe four day with a chance of rain.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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