Saturday, April 02, 2016

Tornado warnings

After taking the electric, sewer and water lines loose yester I went down to the office to settle up with paying the electric bill. Then back to the motorhome to let up the leveling jacks I pulled the motorhome down to the car which I drove down to pay the electric bill. It was a good out of the way place to hook up the car and also under a tree with plenty of shade. I have to look after myself you know. After all that we where on our way, at least down to the Walmart to fill up with fuel. Then we where really on our way.
You can't see this beside the interstate highways.  This is the reason I'm off the interstates as much as I can. I like to pass through the small towns seeing the fruit and vegetable stands on the side of the road. Besides I'm in no hurry I'm out for a summer of taking it easy. Hmmm is there any other way that I do it.


Now just look at that, trees stretching across the road.  Kind of looks peaceful doesn't it.  I know one thing it sure relaxes me.
After s few hours we arrived in Live Oak where we stopped at Kens BBQ Restaurant. We have been stopping here for about four years on the way north because the food is very good. I had the special which was the BBQ  ribs with fries and cole slaw.
After the very good meal we were on our way again.
The closer we got to Georgia the darker the skies were getting and also a few spots of rain on the windshield.  It started raining harder when we got to Valdosta and pulled into the Walmart for the night.
The phone was sounding off the weather alert on and off all night about a tornado warning.
We didn't get a tornado but we did get rain, lightning and thunder all night.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

We know what you mean about being back on the road and how relaxing it is. We can't wait!
Don't overdo it! You are still in recovery mode.
Glad to hear the severe weather stayed clear of your location.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.