Friday, April 22, 2016

Hawe Creek Campground

Wednesday we went for a drive to check on another campground.
But first I had to take a photo of an old abandoned house.  This is or was a large house with a porch running the whole length od the house.  With a chimney on each end to keep the inside warm through the winter.

Next we stopped at the Thurmond Lake Visitor Center.  There was much information on building of the dam, animals and birds that you might see.
The nice friendly lady(Rhonda Flair) was happy to answer what questions that you may have.
I didn't want to stay at the campground that we checked out so we had a nice drive anyway.
Yesterday we made another move to the Hawe Creek Campground that is on the Thurmond Lake.
It was a drive across the dam and entered South Carolina.
After getting the motorhome set up and making slaw while Nancy made pinto's.  After making the slaw I took out the grill and grill us some polish sausage. 
After our meal it was a little computer time for the both of us and then watching tv.
It was only a 40 mile drive so neither one of us got tired. So we had a relaxing evening.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Jim and Judy said...

That is a nice COE Park. Judy and I stayed their for four days when we first headed out. I have some friends who are workamping on the SC side in Modoc. They are back for their fourth or fifth year. Looks like you got one of the best sites.