Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just thinking

Starting out the morning at 31* is a wanting to stay in bed morning.  But can't do that can we, at least not very long.
Yesterday was also a very cool day with the temp barely making it out of the 50's and a wind on top of that make it feel much cooler.  I did manage to clean the windshield that has needed the cleaning for some time. I also vacuumed the motorhome. But the first thing I did as I have for the last three or four mornings is to turn of the newly installed switch to the converter and let the sun charge the house batteries through the solar panels. After breakfast and the sun coming up hitting the solar panels I cut off the electric power, connect the power cord to the connection in the bay and then turn on the inverter so we have 120 volts throughout the house for the day.
Here a while back I got to thinking of safety in the motorhome home and thought about what would happen if a fire was to start. I did have a fire extinguisher at the front door. But what would happen if the fire broke out in between the front door and the bedroom at night when we were sleeping?
It is very likely since this area has the refrigerator, water heater and the furnace.  Well the next trip to Walmart I bought another fire extinguisher and now I have one at the front door and also one in the bedroom.
Today as always is my day to watch the college basketball games so not much else will be going on with me.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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