Thursday, February 04, 2016

John Chesnut Park

It was another nice sunny day yesterday so off we went to another park to walk and see what it had for us.
We started out by Sherry getting Nancy's walker out of the trunk of the car. Without her walker she can't walk but a very short distance.
We walked out one short pier to see these lily pads and a few turtles.
The pads blooms look as though they are very close to bursting out into flowers. I really like to see the lily pads in the small ponds as we travel and the different color of flowers that they have are very beautiful.
They have built a new children's playground since the last time we were here. A tree house with sliding board, a hohollow log and a spider compete with a web that the small ones can climb on.
Yes, a swing that you can sit in and look out over Tarpon Lake. The swing is nice with the view and the breeze coming in makes it very relaxing.
We did see this small rabbit trying to hide in the tall grass while it was eating.
Some of the small trees had these yellow flowers on the branches.
Trunk of one of the trees close to the lake.
Once again after finishing the day at the park we stopped at a Wendy's for something to eat.
I had the spicy chicken with fries Nancy had a grilled chicken with a side salad and Sherry had the grilled chicken with a baked potato.
By the time we got back home all three of us where pretty much worn down from the walking, but a good filling that we did get out and do something besides sitting around.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

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