Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slow week

So far this week the big thing that Nancy and I have done is go to the Laundromat. We have not been to the store all week and I guess we had better go or both of us might start losing some weight.
There are a few lights up in the small park where we are but the park itself doesn't put up any Christmas lights.
The light that people put up on their site look nice.
Santa came thru the park the other day riding on top of a car.
Mickey and Snoopy looks like they hitched a ride in the back. Some people really get in the mood for Christmas which is good.
I finally finished up the shower base last week by gluing tile on the new boards. Sometimes it get a little difficult doing things when you are on the move and have to wait until you are settled in for a while. There are still a few more projects I want to do while we are here in the park for the winter.
The Fantastic Fan that I installed a week or so is working out to be better than we expected. We have not run our airconditioner hardly at all. Its really nice to turn on the  Fantastic fan open a window and feel the breeze flow thru.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.     

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