Monday, August 11, 2014


Friday it was tine to empty the black tank so it was off to Twin Knobs campground to empty. They have a charge of $6.00 for use of the sewer. After getting back it was setting up leveling and hooking the electric back up. It only took 1 1/2 hour from the time we left until we were back like we was.  We were going to also do the laundry but Nancy's pain was to much so we put it off.

Nancy's pain was still with her Saturday but we were overdue on the laundry and we had to go.  We go to the University Laundromat which is next to Morehead University in the town of Morehead.
After doing the laundry Nancy took back some clothes she had from Walmart. I don't like going to Walmart! We were going to do a little shopping but it was really crowded with long lines at the check out.
I went to church yesterday while Nancy still feeling terrible stayed home.  We just stayed in the rest of the day.

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