Monday, August 04, 2014

Think you have had a bad?

Friday was going so good, I got a couple of things caught up
in the motorhome that I have been putting off.  Then Jackie had her fabulous chicken and dumplings. After resting up from the meal, I went out to see why there was no power to the extension cord in the garage. I rolled out the 100' of cord and went back to look at the other end.
Don't get scared that's just me!  Yeah, there was a wasp nest in the reel and one of those darn wasps chased me all over the driveway until it caught me on the upper eye lid. This is how it looked Saturday morning.
Sunday morning it looked worse than the previous morning.
  So it was off to the ER to get some help. It seems I'm allergic to the wasp sting. The doc gave me a prescription for some meds that will take a week to finish up.
Morehead is getting ready for Hillbilly Days and there are a bunch of these old cars parked around town.
Even a covered wagon on the way to town. This one is in front of the Old Country Store.
Sitting on Jackie's front porch in the evening is a nice relaxing way to end a day. Watching the humming birds, looking out over the mountains seeing a buzzard gliding in the soft breeze. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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Jim and Judy said...

The trick is not to let them catch up with you!