Sunday, August 24, 2014

Honey and more

Yesterday was a slow day  getting started for us.  Well let me say slower day getting started as our days are always slow getting started. We are retired and when we were working we had hoped we would be doing this one of the days.
I carried a few tanks full of grey water to the dump to be emptied and some fresh water to put in the fresh water tank.
Nancy has been wanting some good honey to go with her biscuits, because all the honey she has is the mass produced store honey. While she was getting ready I went to a couple of stores close by to see if any of them had some fresh honey.
The scenery  along route 58 here in Virginia is beautiful.
One of the nicest barns with the silos I have seen.

I did fine some honey for Nancy but no one had fresh honey. They sell out of the fresh honey as soon as it hits the shelf.
I spiced up some chicken breast and grilled them for supper in the evening time.
The chicken plus pinto beans, baked  potato and home made slaw was a good meal.
The rest of the evening was just a full stomach and a big grin on our face.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

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Jim and Judy said...

Judy and I have driven the entire length of US 58 from the Tidewater area to the western VA border and beyond. Some beautiful rural scenery for sure.