Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

We left London yesterday at 12:30pm and was back on I-75 10 miles. Then we made the exit to 25E which is know as Cumberland Gap Parkway for this section of the road.
This photo is a left over from a previous morning where Nancy cooked some fresh peeled apples. They were delicious.
I'm always eating or thinking of food.
Back to the trip.  The above photo is when we were entering Middlesboro, Ky with a population of 1200+ people.
A red sign that would be hard to miss warns of the tunnel, which is through the mountain under the gap of the mountain that was a trail for the pioneers and animals to cross.
We're getting close to the campground.
We did make it. Only about a mile to the campground.
We did find an open site and with a little backing and pulling forward I managed to get a open shot through the tree for the Direct tv satellite. It looks like the left side of the motorhome is much higher than the drivers side. The site is at an angle down hill and gives an optical illusion with the motorhome.
We had a severe thunderstorm late yesterday evening. Other than a lot of rain, thunder, lightning and some braches falling, no damage in the park.  Of course I've not been out and around yet.
Nancy is tired from the two days traveling for we will just hang around today so she can get some rest.
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