Thursday, August 14, 2014

Catching up

It was getting up a little earlier today because we had to go to Huntington to pick up our prescriptions at the Walgreens. You know at the corner of Happy and Healthy. We use to get our meds at Walmart but they were not giving us the service that we thought was good enough. Like we would call on the phone and they would say our meds are ready to pick up. We would go to get them and they would still be working on filling the prescriptions, plus numerous other things.
After getting our meds we(Nancy, Jackie and I) met Peach and Don for dinner at the Cracker Barrel. After eating and talking with much laughter it was time to head back to Morehead.  On the way back it started to rain very hard so I turned on the wipers and what do you know? The drivers side stopped wiping. Looking out of the passengers side I drove until we came to the Flying J where I was going to fill up with fuel anyway. I looked at the problem and the linkage to the drivers side had come loose. By that time the sun had come out so we drove on home. The wiper trouble can wait until tomorrow.
This was the day to work on the wipers. After taking some covering and the wipers blades off the trouble was, a nylon bushing was worn out. No problem, I checked on line with the Advance Auto.  It shows they have one in stock. So into Morehead which is a 12 mile drive. It looks like they don't have the part and they don't even make the part. After checking with other auto parts places no one can get the bushing. I have to buy the whole wiper transmission part.
So the wiper transmission is ordered from Amazon and will be here Friday.
Vicki came from Lexington to visit and stay overnight. I'm glad she is able to spend the time with us while we are here.

We slept in just a little  longer this morning and it did fill good. After eating breakfast and doing our morning things it was time for Vicki to leave.  Nancy and I just piddled the day away.
We went over and visited with Jackie, when we got ready to leave Jackie said she had some leftovers for supper and we could eat with her if we wanted to. We did. Jackie has been feeding us soooo good. Nancy and I watched America's got Talent on the television and then it was off to bed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.    


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