Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I don't like to travel in rain,but our time was up at the Wishing Well Campground.  So yesterday with it raining a good stream we were off and going.
It didn't take to see why I don't like traveling in rain. About 15 miles into the trip we came upon this accident at an intersection.  Some people never slow down in rain or snow or no matter what the weather is like.  There is a caution light here but it didn't make any difference.
We drove and drove on the American Indian Highway for a long time.
Seeing corn fields after corn fields.

Something was burning in the distance.  We never did get close enough to see what it was.  Maybe they were clearing off a field?
We had very little in the frig,so we stopped at this place in Norwood,NC.  I really didn't want a pizza or sub,but its better than nothing.
Besides it had a good place to park.  After getting inside we saw they had a full menu of other things.  We ordered up a very good chicken stry-fry plate with rice. It was a good tasting choice.
Atfer traveling 190 miles for the day we parked overnight at the Walmart in Salisbury,NC


Marvin said...

Joe , Glad your trip is going well . I will add WMT in Salisbury , NC to my list . Thank you for listing your stopping points , as it helps me in my trip planning .

Anonymous said...

Thx Uncle Joe, I love to read about your travels :)