Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Traveling Day

Yesterday was the day to leave and move on to our next stop for visiting. As you know we always take our time and yesterday was no exception.  After getting up,having breakfast I got ready first.  While nancy was getting ready I did my things outside,hooking up the car to the hitch.  Mark and Sherry came by,so we went out to Bob Evans for lunch.  After our meal and some conversation we came back to the motorhome.  By the time we got started it was 3:00.
I got off the main road and on a side road as I like to do from time to time.  This time it was route 612 that took us through the small coal town of Whipple.  The old Whipple Company Store is still standing and now is a museum. This old beautiful wood structure build in the 1800's. After being on the route for some miles I went back on the West Virginia Turnpike.  This road is such a bad road with bumps most of the way that I got back of and took the side road.  I wonder where the money that they collect on this toll road is spent on?  The driving was goo and traffic while heavy was moving at a steady pace. That is until we got west of Charleston then it was in construction. The traffic was going so slow that my GPS popped  up a note to asked if I wanted to go into pedestrian mode. We had a big laugh on that one.
We got to Don and Peach house around 5:00 so that wasn't so terrible driving in the motorhome.
We had a nice short visit and will have quite a few more before we leave here for our next stop.      

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