Friday, June 01, 2012


Looking out the front windshield of the motorhome yesterday morning sure looked good with the sun shining.  It looked so good that we got ready after breakfast and took off for the beach.
Looks like everyone had the same idea of the nice sunny day.  The beach was full of people.  I guess with the price o gas coming down more people are going on vacations.
It was still a little windy,so the waves had nice white caps on them.  Walking the beach in the water we noticed how much warmer the water was than it was a couple of weeks ago.  Looks like summer time is here.  Summer time,it was down right hot.
After a few hours we came back home and I grill and made hot dogs.
Yeah its summertime with burgers and hot dogs being grilled.
Good to see you again and thanks for visiting.  


RiverCat said...

I'm not sure exactly where you're at...but I've been there. I took a picture underneath the same pier you shot a couple days ago...Garden City?

src01 said...

Beautiful pictures :)