Friday, June 29, 2012


Well just another day! Don and I went to the post office and from there took a short drive through the country on the way back.
Early in the evening we all went to the mall to do our walking. When we came out of the mall the heat just jumped all over us. This is the second day of three that the temp will get 100.
From the mall it was to Wendy's for our meal for the day. Coming out of the coolnest of Wendy's into the heat once again.
I can remember years ago when I was a kid,the hot days. They used so much tar in repairing the roads that the tar would start melting,we would walk in it and we got tar up between our toes. Of course they have different ways of repairing roads. We are staying inside for the most part during these hot days.

Thanks for stopping by and stay cool

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