Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got it

You might say that I had this photo on the other day.  It is like those can you spot the difference pictures. OK the slide is out YES.

In my quest to keep on troubleshooting I looked under the steps again. the trouble was the circuit breaker on the right. Notice it has a red wire going in and a black wire coming out. In my dissapointment of the slide not going out,I did check this with my voltmeter. The red had power,the black well not thinking right and anyway black is suppose to be ground. Some way of not thinking right the first day I was thinking must be an insulated post. Black had no power.  So looking yesterday I traced the black wire all the way to the back of the motorhome. Not an easy task for a guy 74 rolling under the motorhome. The black wire in the back was run and in the back was then run with a white wire coming off the chassis. OK black is ground unless you have a white wire running with the black then black is the positive and white is ground. Any way this all ended going to the back slide.   But the back slide was working when we parked?  I put a small jumper wire on the black wire at the circuit breaker and touched it to ground,I got a spark. So I then tried the slide and it went out. So I'm confused unless maybe moving the wiring in checking it all did the trick.
I've got a nice shady place to do the grilling.
So yesterday evening I put on smoked sausage,onions,green,yellow and red peppers. Man it was good eating.
So life is good. Just a few bumps along the way.
Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.


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