Thursday, June 07, 2012

Enjoyable Day

Yesterday we left the Walmart in Salisbury and went to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer. It was only 4 mile mile drive so we took our time.  The museum is an old Southern Railroad repair shop,so most of the things pertain to rail roading.
We boarded the train for a short train ride.
I was in the hopes of riding an old steam engine,but no such luck.
We got off the train and started our walking tour. They do have a few old steam engines.
And then in one of the buildings they have more of steam and diesel locomotives.
You like purple stream lined engines?
There is a collection of old cars that I enjoyed. Cars that use no gasoline are not new. Here is a battery car from around 1913.  That thing looked new.
I will just put a few on and let you enjoy looking.
North Carolina Highway Patrol car.  I didn't know they used old convertibles.

This was one of my favorites.
Don't like gas or battery driven cars?  How about this steam driven one?
Here is a steam locomotive that they run on the rails on special occasions.
I can remember riding these. Oh what fun and sad that they are gone.
I really enjoyed the day seeing all the old "stuff".
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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src01 said...

My dad would have loved this place :)