Sunday, June 03, 2012


The weekend thus far has been slow.  Nancy is not feeling like doing much.
We did get out yesterday to go shopping and I filled up the as tank in the car at Sams Club for $3.12 a gallon. Then on the way back to the motorhome I sa a couple of place where the gas had dropped to $3.06. I've had that happen to me more times then I want to remember. We were going to shop for a few things at Sam's,but decided to go to Walmart instead.  Bad idea,now I know why I don't like to get out on weekends. It's two or three times as bad in a tourist place. People wall to wall and why do they leave their shopping cart on one side of ailse and stand and look at things on the other side,blocking the whole aisle?  Anyway we did get thru all of that.
We are slowly getting the motorhome ready for travel again as we are leaving tuesday to make our way northwest.
Have a good day.    

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src01 said...

It's nice to hear about someone enjoying retirement. I'll be working until I'm 90!! :)