Monday, June 11, 2012


It was nice getting up to warmer temperatures. Man saturday morning it was 45 degress. This morning it was 66.
This is our site for the week.
And again we are at the Stony Fork Campground in the Jefferson National Forest.
This is the small creek that flows thru the campground.  They stock it with trout,but I have not seen any large fish.
A few of the campsite to the left and right of the main road thru the campground.
A small rabbit that comes out in front of the motorhome to eat. We also saw a couple of deer coming in friday.  Thus far I haven't had any luck on the slideout.
Thanks for coming this way and do come back.

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Marvin said...

Sometimes unlocking the slide manually and moving it a small amount will cause it to reset .

I think it could also be a blown fuse .

Good Luck and Be Safe