Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Squirrel lays egg?

Well it finally happened,we got out and walked a little. That is something that we have not been doing lately. Our bodies told us this morning that we need a lot more walking to get back in shape. Nancy has a dentist appointment today to have a filling put in her tooth. The one that they shot out while cleaning her teeth last week.  Then tomorrow she has an appointment with her doctor. That is the reason we have not had a steady walking schedule this season. We have been having dentist and doctor appointments more than usual.
Like I was saying we did do some walking down at John Chesnut Park yesterday. It was a nice day,kind of hot but there was a little breeze blowing.
We saw a couple of deer,but not good enough to take a picture of them. We did get a pic of this small gator.
Squirrels lay eggs??  We thought this was funny. The squirrel was sitting on a plastic egg eating.  Looks like they didn't find all the hidden eggs during the Easter egg hunt.


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Jim and Judy said...

You need to get that squirrel shot to the National Enquirer.