Friday, March 23, 2012

Hanging Around

Nancy did get her hair cut wednesday,we also went to Walmart since it was close. We got a pound cake to go with the strawberries that we bought at the roadside market a couple of days ago.  The strawberry crop was good this year due to the warm winter we had. That is good for the consumer because the prices are very low.  I bought a gift card while in Walmart so I could get gas 3¢ off on the gallon. While putting gas in the car the guy in the next lane comes over carrying a one gallon gas can and says "er mister I'm old and don't get very much could you donate me some gas".  Yeah sure buddy good luck on that one. He looked to be 10-15 years younger than me and had a car way better and newer than the one I drive. While I have given to some down and out people,you just can't give to everyone that comes along.
Yesterday we did the walk around in the park here.  
I watched the NCAA Tournament again. It is getting close to the final few teams.
I hope you enjoy this day.   

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