Tuesday, March 06, 2012

All is Well

I got my computer back from the "Geek Squad" yesterday and I'm happy to report that they were able to bring back all of the information that the Trojan Virus had wiped out. The virus had actually had it hidden in the computer some where.
So if you come across a website "Band of Boondockers" be very careful because when I was on that site is when the virus hit the computer. Of course I don't know that much about viruses. Maybe they can move from site to site.
I always have my camera with me. When Nancy was at the doctor the other day I was looking around the room and this light that the doc uses to check your ears and throat caught my I. I have somewhat of a imagination sometimes. It does look like a mechanical bird doesn't it?
I hope you have a great and trouble free day.

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