Thursday, February 02, 2012

Walking and Wings

 What a way to start a day yesterday. Yup a bowl of total cereal with bananas and strawberries. I've had more cereal in the last few weeks than I've had the previous year. I usually like a hot breakfast to start the day,but I'm trying to throw in a little cereal as its supposed to be good for me.
 We went to the James E Grey Preserve to walk yesterday and saw this Gopher Tortoise out eating the green grass.
It looks like he had his eye on me as I was taking the picture.
I was going to grill some chicken wings,but when I went to the store to get them I saw they had a special on the wings in the Deli with a $1.00 coupon cheaper than the ones in the meat section. So I thought why get them that where ready to eat. Nancy again had the sides all ready went I got back. The ready made wings tasted delicious. I even put hot sauce on some of them.
As always another gret day.
I hope you have and enjoy another great day yourself. 

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