Friday, February 03, 2012

A Full Day

 Yesterday as we came out the door we had this small lizard to greet us. He was on the marble rock that I got out of a forest in North Carolina.
 We went to John Chesnut Park to do some walking. There were quiet a few woodpeckers out and about here yesterday. We still have not seen an alligator in a while. From the park We went to the Quality Sausage House. This place is run by a Hungarian Family and they have German,Polish,Hungarian and several other makes of sausages. The small place was full of people buying the fresh meats. After that we drove through the city of Palm Harbor were we had dinner at the Paradise Restaurant.
 From there it was to Phillpe Park which is located along the bay.  We were at this park maybe 3 years ago. It is a nice park to walk in and there were people walking and jogging.
 We just love the trees that spread their branches out
 A nice breezy walk along this part of a trail feels good.
Another nice tree.
Even after the sidewalk ends you can still walk along the waters edge.
The birds were not too afraid of us as they searched for their food.
As always another great day.
My best wishes for you today. 

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