Saturday, October 22, 2011

Uh Oh

Yesterday was another morning and after taking our time getting ready. Even going in Walmart to walk around,then we were ready to get on the road. We only had 50 mile to go to our next Walmart and over night.  Taking my time once we were on the raod,enjoying the color of the trees. Actually they had more colors and looked better than the trees in the Smokies. We finally arrived at the Pikeville,Kentucky Walmart.
Thats when I saw this sign. Uh oh now what are we going to do. I remember reading in the rv forums I read that even though some places that have these signs,if you go in to asked they will let you park. Anyway what do I have to lose,all they can say is no. I went to the customer service desk and asked. They said to ask another lady that she pointed out to me.  After asking the lady says yes just one night. Good thats all I was wanting to stay any.  So after a good night rest here. We will slowly get ready to travel again.  Why not today will be less miles than yesterday.   

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