Monday, October 24, 2011

Guess What?

The mist saturday morning was slow to rise,but it soon did and we were on our way.
When we drove in to the Walmart lot in South Williamson saturday evening we saw a sign with the wording No Overnight Parking.  Once again I go inside to talk with the manager. Customer Service calls the manager and he walks up. I recognize him from where he let us park here two years ago.  Now I'm thinking this is good. I say to him I was here two years ago and I would like the same favor of him by him letting me park overnight. He says sure he sees no problem with me parking for the night.
Sunday we went to the church service and the "church homecoming".  It was good seeing all the people that we have known down throug the years. It was a good day that had to end much too early.  We told each and everyone goodbye,that we had to get on the road.  After changing clothes,I was hooking up the car and the outside things while Nancy was doing all the securing of the things inside.  Then down the highway heading south.
Driving though the mountains,enjoying what colors that are still on the trees
 Coming up the long mountain road out of Jenkins,Kentucky. Its a lot better now that they have the new highway.
  Getting to the top of the mountain,starting down the other side and into the state of Virginia.
 I drove to the Walmart in Norton,Virginia. the same one where we stayed a couple of night ago.   

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