Thursday, September 04, 2008

Book Trading Time

Nancy like to come to Pigeon Forge because there is a good used book store with a lot of books and they will take her books as trade in. This time around she had 8 bags of books to trade. Of course the book store is the winner in this deal as she got 2 bags of books and she had to pay $17.00. But still cheaper then buying new books. That woman reads a bunch of books.

After the books store we went to visit Joey a couple of hours then it was of to WalMart to do some shopping on the way home we stopped at the Little Caesar's Pizza and got a "hot and ready". With a late start on the day that was our eventful dy.a

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Anonymous said...

Hello, where is that book store located in Pigeon Forge? I've never seen it before, I'd love to go browse the next time we go there.

Crum, WV