Saturday, August 23, 2008

Have a Connection

Well I'm finally back online. For the past week we have been visiting Nancy's sister Jackie in the deep woods of Kentucky and I couldn't get a connection on my computer so I was lost. But we are in Lexington,Ky. now so I can update. We have had a good time with our visit and shopping in the area,riding the 4 wheeler was fun. The people in the area of Jackies house are such fine and kind people that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

We did go out to a local county park to explore. The park at one time was nice but lately has been negleted and in need of many repairs. Never the less it it a great place to walk and explore.

It has been so dry in this area that there is no water coming over the falls.

When the water is running you can take a path to got under the falls. This was fun to get out in the woods again and look around.

Week will stay here in Lexington visiting our daughter Vicki for the week end and then traveling south ever so slowly to the Smokie Mountains for the family reunion.

We spent the night parked a the Cracker Barrel and when Nancy is ready will will go in and have breakfast. We thank the Cracker Barrel for leting us spent the night in their parking lot.

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