Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yesterday we went up to the flea market and walked around. We did buy a few small items. I was looking for a knife that I had seen up there, but I couldn't find it yesterday.
After the flea market we drove down to the WalMart. Man seems like we've got to go there about everyday. We got back ate our dinner and sat around for a little while then did our evening walk. Talk to so of the people that are leaving out this week end.

Some people may wonder what the google ads are on my blog. This is on the blog to help a little in keeping up the blog. Each time a visitor clicks one of the ads I get a few cents for sending them to that advertiser. It doesn't cost you anything to do it and it helps me a little. I have heard of people making a few dollars on doing this and some making more. I'm sure if you have a lot of traffic on your blog this would be possible,but I don't have that many checking mine very often.
Today will be nice weather then later on in the night it is suppose to turn nasty with some wind. I hope it isn't too bad.

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