Wednesday, April 04, 2007


What a day yesterday was. We did a walk on the outside area of the park as we took the garbage to the dump. By that time it was so hot we took off to the mall to finish up the walk.
Our television has been going on and off for a while now and each time it goes off it stays off a little longer before coming back on,oh no time for a new tv. Nancy has been wanting one of the flat panel LCD tv's so we looked at them in the different stores. We were going to get a 20" size that would fit right up to the front panel where the old one sets. Sears had a 32" that had an excellent price on it. So with being just a little more in price than the smaller ones and even cheaper than some. We decided on getting the large one. Now I have to plan on how to hang it in the front where the old one was. The weight on the new one isn't too much(32 Pounds). I have to no doubt inforce the front wood panel to take the weight. I'm planing on making a door on the existing opening and attaching the flat tv on the front of that. With a couple of shelves in the opening that should give a little extra space for storage. Thereis always a few projects that I get into from time to time.

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