Tuesday, April 10, 2007


That was yesterday. The weatherman said we had a 20 percent chance of rain and it rained all day long. This morning he says an 80 percent chance of rain and here it is 11:07 am and not a drop of rain. I've heard the there are two people you shouldn't listen to. That is the weather people and a politician. Well I guess maybe most of the time the weather people will get it right. I don't know about the politician. We didn't go to do the laundry because of the rain. Hopefully we will do that today.
People are still leaving the park each day heading back north to there homes. The RV Park is looking more barren each day. We will probably be the last out.
If the gas prices doesn't go up too much we will try to travel more in our motorhome this season. We will just have to travel a little slow and look for free spots to spend the night.
It is so nice of our family to have a spot on their land that we can park our motorhome and visit them. This way we can visit longer and still stay in our own house and not disturbe them so much. They are so kind to us,even letting us hook up to electric. We enjoy and love all of our family so much.

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