Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pollen Everywhere

We did our walking in the Chestnut Park where the pollen on the canals was so thick it looked like pea soup. I don't know if that was the reason we saw 12 turtles out of the water on a branch or not. As we looked at the pollen laden water we could see the turtles bobing their heads up and down. We've never noticed this many since we have been coming to the park. Maybe it was more noticeable because of the tick pollen on the water.
At least out in the main lake it was clear. As we walked the trails yesterday for the first time we saw a raccoon. Nancy was the first to see it,it was just ever so still looking at us until a guy came running and scared it away. I thought it was unusual to see a raccoon in daylight hours. We also saw two deer in the forest on the trail.
We had lots of rain last night and even a tornado watch posted a short distance from us. All ended well though with just a little wind.

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