Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Once again we went down to our favorite place to walk,Chestnut Park. We like this place because the animals are so friendly and yet so wild. They are used to people because they get food brought to them. We seem to see something different each time we visit the park. Here Nancy is enjoying the big bird close to her on the railing.

Here is a small redheaded woodpecker that I tried to get a good picture of but it kept going around the tree. This is the smallest I've seen of this type of woodpecker.
I decided not to take the motorhome into the transmission shop for a fluid change. I just didn't have a good gut feeling about doing it here. When I talked with them I just didn't like some of the things they said that they wanted to do. Like when I asked how much it would cost and they quoted a price. I asked about draining the converter and they said that would be extra. I don't think they were going to drain it if I hadn't ask and anyone should know that you have to drain the converter to get a proper fluid change.
I will just have to do it myself when I get up to my grandson in Valdosta,Ga.

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