Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nice day starting out today. Sunny and 74* at 11:16am.
As I said yesterday we went to the doctor for what I thought our last visit until we got back in the area again,but this was not to be. The doctor decided that he wanted to see some blood work results on Nancy so she has to get that over with. I also have to see him again. After changing from the Crestor to Zetia my cholesterol went up. He said it wasn't to bad and we could stay with that. I told him Dr. Lin (my cardioligist) said he doubt if the Zetia alone would hold the cholesterol down. He was right. So I asked him to try Vytorin which was what Dr. Lin suggested. So now I've got to do the blood work to see if it is working better.

This morning I took the screen out of the bathroom vent to clean. This has to be cleaned ever so often because the fan draws the lint and stuff to the screen. After doing this for the first time I looked at the window screens to see if I could get them out. What do you know,with just a little tugging they came out. So I took them outside and spray with a water hose. It sure made a difference in the looks by taking all that dust off of them.
Another no plan day,except for getting some walking in. We are a few miles behind so far for this week. We'll go down to the Chestnut Park again because when we walk on the trails down there and looking around to see what we can it dosen't take long to rack up the miles.

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