Monday, April 16, 2007


Cool last night,down in the 50's. It is 1:20pm and the temp is only 67*.
Oh well we know it will warm up as the week goes by.
Nothing unusual happened yesterday. We did a very little walk arond the park and noticed more people had left with some more pulling out today.
Just saw on the news where they had a shooting at Virginia Tech University. Killing 20 aome people and more are injured.
People often asked if we feel safe in the places we park. With the news this morning is there really a safe place to be. Of course when we park for the day or for the night,you just have to asked yourself if it "feels right" and looks right. You should used your better judgement and go for it. We've only moved a couple of times when we thought it wasn't the right place to stay the night. This is one reason I like the motorhome,if I'm in a situation that I need to move I just have to jump in the driver seat and pull out.
I guess we may go to the mall and do a little walking. We will have to do more a couple of days to make up for yesterday. We try to get at least 30 miles a week.

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