Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well after spending half a day at the doctor office we finally got out. The results of Nancy's blood work were good except for her cholesterol. She will have to get on medication for that. She told the doctor about her hip hurting her almost all the time so he xrayed that and found out that she has a spur on her leg bone close to her hip. He gave her a shot of Cortizone to ease the pain. Also on looking at the xray we were surprised that at one point in her life that she has had an old fracture of the leg bone about 6 inches from the hip joint. We could see the crack in the bone. She doesn't know how that happened.

Our friends Sam and Carolyn Opauski from West Virginia are coming to see us today. They are visiting their son in Punta Gorda and thought they would drop by since they are so close.
We will run around with them and see what we can get into.

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