Saturday, February 24, 2007

We went back to the John R. Chestnut Park to walk yesterday. We took some trails that we had not been on before. Here is a boardwalk across the watery swamp area of the trail. As you walk this boardwalk the squirrels jump down on the handrails and go along with you begging for a handout. I was prepared for them with a bag of peanuts in my pocket. The little critters hardly give you time to set the nuts down. I thought that they were going to get the bag out of my pocket.
Besides the squirrels there are all kinds of birds to watch. Here a curious cardinal came around to see what was going on. Even though the temperature was 80 it was cool here around the lake. There was a nice cool breeze blowing off of the lake and this made the walking very pleasant.
We ended up with 6.8 miles of walking. That added to the 8 miles the day before,was two good days of walking.
As usual we have no set plans for the day. The only plan is that one of us might say"I would like to do or I would like to go" and off we do it.

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the Cardinal. This is Sharon from West Virginia, met you guys at the Crum Missionary Baptist church one time. I just finished catching up on your blog, I haven't visited in a while. Keep up the good work, it's really interesting to see the places that you guys visit and what you're up to. Would love to see pics of the churches that you go to :) Here's the address of my blog if you'd like to take a look: