Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tarpon Lake

We did most of our walking yesterday down in the John R, Chestnut Park by Tarpon Lake.
We always have a good walk here with a lot of trails to take. The walk takes you over wooden bridges and ramps over the lush swamps. It feels as though you are out in a wilderness,with the swamp and thick trees,fern plants on the forest floor.

We walked out on a small pier that sticks out over the lake and saw all these small ducks floating on the water. They were fun to watch as they would go under the water for food and come up quacking their little heads off.
Here Nancy seems to be lost in deep thought. This is only one section that has a beauty of its own. The two picnic tables are on a small strip of land with the swamp all around it. You can't cool off in the water because of the alligators.
Here are some stump of trees in the swamp water. The water is clear and so still that it looks like a mirror. As you walk the trails there is beauty all around you and the squirrels come so close and seem to be begging for a handout. The water has small fish in it that you can watch swimming.
As we were coming back home we saw this Direct TV van being towed in. Notice the ladder on top that has opene up. Another good day in the sunshine of Florida.

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