Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tampa Bay

9:45 am
Yesterday we went out to find new things. We ended up on the Courtney Causeway and did a lot of walking. While we there we couldn't but notice that this place had about 8 police cars lined up and 1 policeman was out by the highway with a radar gun. As he was seeing the speed of the oncoming cars. If any of them were going over the speed limit he would radio his fellow officers and they would give chase to the speeders. There would be 2 and 3 going at the same time. The city must have made a lot of money off of the speeders.

Here Nancy is setting on the rail enjoying the breeze as it comes across Tampa Bay. This was our first time here and we enjoyed the place and the area to walk in.
In an hour and a half I will go down to the clubhouse and pickup my Kielbasa sandwich.
After the dinner they are going to have the park parade.

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